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Useful Documents: Enrollment Process – Next Steps | FACTS Payment FAQ | 2017 – 18 CHOICE Income Guidelines

Approximate tuition rates are listed below, many families may qualify for an Indiana School CHOICE Scholarship (the voucher) or other discount. To help with determining the cost of attending Saint Patrick School, we have prepared a Parent Tutorial to Tuition.

All families must register for FACTS, an online tuition payment system. Click this link to sign up.

Participating Parish Tuition, Grades K to 8

Number of Children Total Cost 2016-17 Application Monthly Payment
1 child $3,060 $30 $306.00
2 children $6,120 $60 $612.00
3 children $9,180 $90 $918.00
4 children $12,240 $120 $1,224.00
 + $120 Instructional Materials Fee per student

To qualify for the Participating Parish Family fee, you must be a member of a parish in the Terre Haute Deanery for one year, attend Mass on a regular basis, have a current year pledge card on file, and register your attendance at Mass through your weekly envelope. Note that parishioners of all Terre Haute Deanery Catholic parishes now qualify for reduced tuition. Each parish monitors parishioners’ participation differently.  For parishioners of Saint Patrick Parish, the Saint Patrick School Covenant Letter for Saint Patrick parishioners must be signed and returned to qualify for the participating parish tuition rate.  For other parishes, please contact your parish office.

Non-Catholic Tuition, Grades K to 8

Number of Children Total Cost 2015-16* Application Monthly Payment
1 child $5,712 $30 $572.00
2 children $11,424 $60 $1,143.00
3 children $17,316 $90 $1,732.00
 + $120 instructional materials fee per student

FAQ about Saint Patrick School tuition/fee structure, Grades K to 8

What is a participating parish family?
A participating parish family is registered as a parishioner in one of the Terre Haute Deanery Catholic parishes, attends church on a regular basis, registers their attendance through the use of their weekly envelope, has a current pledge card on file, and has pledged to give their time, talent and treasure to their parish. To qualify for this fee rather than paying tuition, families must meet all of these requirements for one year before receiving the Catholic tuition rate.

What if we just recently registered as a parishioner?
Tuition/fees will be prorated to reflect when one year is completed. For example, if a family just registered as a parishioner in January, that family would pay the non-Catholic rate for half year and the Participating Parish rate for the second half of the year.

What if my family has been a registered member of a deanery parish for years, but have been inactive?
interested families need to become an active parishioner to qualify for the discount. Families must register attendance at Mass on a weekly basis for one year, using the membership envelopes. If a family does not have envelopes, they should call the rectory at (812)232-8518

How is this status monitored?
Status as a participating parish family is monitored through the weekly contribution envelope. The school verifies eligibility status upon registration each year. The parish pastor will either contact families through a letter or personal meeting to discuss individual circumstances. Please contact your parish to verify eligibility and membership standing.

What is the actual cost to educate a child at Saint Patrick School?
The actual cost for 2017-2018 is $5600. We ask our non-Catholic families to pay the actual cost. Our Terre Haute Deanery parishioners are asked to contribute to our stewardship program through the use of their weekly contribution envelopes. The parishes contribute over $400,000 yearly to the school budget. It is vital to the financial stability of the school that all parishioners who send their children to Saint Patrick School contribute to the best of their ability to the Sunday and Holy Day collections.

Is financial aid available?
Financial assistance is offered for Participating Parish families only. A form is available in the main office and verification of income is required along with the financial assistance form.

St. Patrick School participates in the Indiana CHOICE Scholarship. To qualify for this scholarship, families must meet 2017 – 18 CHOICE Income Guidelines. Students registering for Kindergarten are eligible to apply for a Tax Credit Scholarship which may be used as a pathway to utilizing the CHOICE Scholarship in subsequent years. For more information on the scholarship process please contact the school office (812)232-2157.

Tuition Information for Preschool

The parishes do not subsidize the cost for children to attend preschool; children are not eligible for tuition vouchers from the state for attending preschool. Payment may be made on a monthly, bi-annual , or one time basis through the FACTS online payment system.

5 Day Class: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-2:40 p.m.
(Child must be 3 or 4 years old on or before August 1, 2017)
Monthly Payment: $410.00
Application: $30.00
Total Cost 2017 – 18: $4,100 / year


Half Day Class: 2 or 4 day options available, Monday – Thursday, 8:a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

(Children must be 3 or 4 years old on or before August 1, 2017)

4 day half-day * cost 2017 – 18: $2000

2 day half-day * cost 2017 – 18: $1000

* Four year old children may only register for the 4 day, half-day program. Three year old children may register for the 2 or 4 day, half-day program.