Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts


Who are We?

Welcome to the website of the cub scout pack at Saint Patrick School. We are pack 17 in the Wabash Valley District (based in Terre Haute) within the Crossroads of America Council (based in Indianapolis).

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Who can Join?

Boys can join Cub Scouts starting at any point from kindergarten through the 5th grade (older boys join Boy Scouts instead). Each year that a boy participates in Cub Scouts he works to earn one of the Cub Scout ranks: Lion (grade K), Tiger Cub (1st grade), Wolf Cub (2nd grade), Bear Cub (3rd grade), Webelos 1 (4th grade), Webelos 2 (5th grade). The two years as Webelos are transition years between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  If you are past 5th grade and are interested in Boy Scouts (for boys in grades 6-12), feel free to contact the Cubmaster for contact information for the leader of the Boy Scout troop at Saint Patrick.

Most boys in our pack either go to Saint Patrick School of the Terre Haute Deanery or are members of one of the deanery parishes. Others are welcome to also contact the Cubmaster to see about joining our pack. We only ask that a parent/guardian be committed to being involved in the boy’s scouting experience (e.g., by coming to meetings along with your boy).

What is Cub Scouting?

When people think of boy scouts, they often think of boys mastering their outdoor skills – tieing knots, starting fires, shooting arrows, camping, swimming, … Of course, the boys work in other areas as well, including computer programming, foreign languages, … (maybe anything you can think of, really), and all under the guidance of scouting’s 12 core values.  One characteristic of boy scouts is that the boys are fairly independent and achieve many of their goals independently; parents/guardians serve a more supervisory role. Cub scouts, on the other hand, has family involvement as one of its key characteristics. A parent or guardian normally attends meetings with their child, and if a child wishes to earn additional awards parents/guardians guide their child through that work. Boys at the beginning of the cub scout program are not yet ready to independently start camping on their own, whittling with pocket knives, etc. The cub scouting program does include some elements of the outdoors. But it also includes a lot of character building, learning about our country/history/culture, physical fitness, … and working together. The boys who participate in cub scouting often form very close friendships with each other, deepen their relationships with their parents/guardians, and are well-prepared for all that boy scouts entails by the time they have earned their Webelos Badge.


Cubmaster (aka pack leader): Jeff Kinne,

What are the Meetings Like?

We have two different types of meetings.

Pack meetings include all cub scouts in grades K-5, and families are invited to join us for pack meetings. Many of the pack meetings have a special purpose (campfire/camp out in September, Christmas party in December, Pinewood Derby in January, Blue and Gold Banquet in March).

Den meetings are only with the boys in a particular grade; e.g., the Tiger den is all of the 1st grade cub scouts. Boys work on the requirements for their rank advancement (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos) at the den meetings, and the boys get a chance to be around boys in their grade in a non-school, fun setting.

How to Join

You can signup online by visiting the following link:

There is also a signup night on Thursday, August 24 at 6:00pm in the school cafeteria.

Parents/guardians and new scouts are encouraged to come to contact the Cubmaster at any time or come to the signup night for more information.  Once you are sure you want to sign up, you can do this by visiting the link above, coming to the signup night, or contacting the Cubmaster.

Membership Dues and Fundraising

Scouts are not charged any membership dues for the first few months (through December) in the pack.  In subsequent years, a small fee of $25 is charged per scout (this goes to pay membership dues to the BSA).  The pack also raises funds for the pack through the annual scout popcorn sale that occurs in the fall each year.  The first $50 that a scout earns for the pack through the popcorn sale helps to support pack costs (awards, registration fees, etc.).  Any additional money a scout brings in for the pack beyond this amount will be credited to the scout to be used on scout-related items (e.g., scout summer camp, uniform, anything from the local scout store).

We ask that you keep in mind that the average cost for one boy for one year in the pack is around $75.  If you do not want to sell popcorn and are able, the pack appreciates a donation to the pack to help pay for fees and such.  But please only do this if your financial situation allows it; we do not want any boy to miss out on scouting because of lack of funds, and do not want to be a financial burden on any family.

More details about the popcorn fundraiser are always shared at the first pack meeting of the school year. If you have questions after that, please get in touch with the Cubmaster.

For information about the popcorn sale, the council has a nice website with current prices and so forth.

Schedule and Meeting Times

We normally meet at 5pm on Sundays in the Saint Patrick parish life center (rooms off of school gym – park in the parking lot by 18th street).  We normally meet roughly every other week. You can see our planned meeting dates on a google calendar. Note that these events also show up on the calendar displayed on the bottom of the school website.

Roughly once per month we have a special event as a pack.  For other meetings, we gather as a pack and then separate into dens (by grade) for the dens to work on their activities separately.  Some dens will also hold separate meetings from the 5pm Sunday meetings as necessary.  The following are the pack events we plan to have this year.

  • August – introductions, fun and games
  • September – camp fire, s’mores, and campout
  • October – work on requirements
  • November – work on requirements
  • December – Christmas party (with a special guest)
  • January – Pinewood derby
  • February – Indoor camp in
  • March – work on requirements
  • April – Blue and Gold Banquet (awards, advancement)
  • May – TBD
  • June – Summer camps
  • July – TBD

The BSA district and council also hold special events throughout the year.

  • Wabash Valley Family Fall Family Camp – September 30 – All boys and families are encouraged to come to Camp Krietenstein for activities including BBs, archery, and camping (optional)
  • Wabash Valley District Fall Camporee – October ?? – Webelos age boys (grades 4-5) can join the Boy Scout Troop for a weekend of camping.
  • Community Partner Events – organized by the council, see

The full list of dates for 2017-2018 is as follows.


Handbooks/Information for Scouts and Parents

Each year in scouts, we follow a program that has been approved by the Boy Scouts of America. The program each year contains some required elements and some activities that the den leaders can choose from. Following the program is required for the scouts to earn their rank at the end of the year, and also helps den leaders have a template to go off of that ensures all the ideals of scouting are part of the year’s activities. The handbooks can be purchased at the scout store, and they can also be found online.  Note that the handbooks have been updated in the summer of 2015, so make sure the handbook you purchase or view online is the new one.

For a condensed list of the requirements for each rank (useful for den leaders), see the appropriate links at

Many of our scouts work to earn their religious emblems, which are listed at  Religious Emblems.

There are some other awards that can be earned. Many are listed at

Information for Leaders

All leaders are required to complete the BSA Youth Protection training. This is an online course (watch videos, answer questions to confirm your understanding) that takes about half an hour. Some of the most important points are to maintain 2-deep leadership (at least two adults present at all meetings), to never ever be alone with a child that is not your own at an official scout function, and to be aware of how the kids are treating each other. The training can be completed by going to a link on the BSA website.

Uniforms and Books

Each year, a cub scout will normally need the following: handbook, hat, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, and belt buckle. These will be used for one year, and then your boy will get new ones for the next year. Some boys will also get a new scout shirt and belt at some point because they have grown. All boys will get new scout shirts when they start boy scouts. What should you do with all of this scout stuff when your boy is done with it? You could let him keep it in a collection. Or you could pass it down to another scout, so the items can be reused.

If you have some items that you would like to pass on to another scout please let the cubmaster know.